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What is WAVE PTX™?
WAVE PTX™ is a push-to-talk subscription service from Motorola Solutions. It connects teams at the push of a button across different networks and devices. It eliminates the barriers between devices, networks and locations to let everyone be part of the conversation.

What are the WAVE two-way radios?
TLK Series two-way radios provide businesses with instant push-to-talk team communications over a nationwide LTE cellular network. This one bundled solution, including the radio, cellular service and software, is built specifically for the demanding needs of businesses with a geographically dispersed workforce.

The device also:

  • Can be deployed out-of-the-box ready for team collaboration
  • Provides communication and location tracking while meeting federal, safe-driving requirements
  • Allows immediate, remote updating anywhere across the country
  • Is easily scaled to meet a business’ changing needs
  • Minimizes administration requirements to save businesses time and money

What cellular network does the WAVE two-way radio utilize?
Customers will not need to worry about subscribing to a specific carrier network. They will subscribe to Motorola Solutions’ WAVE wireless service, which leverages the nation’s best carriers for service.

Where is it available?
We are an authorized WAVE wireless agent and the radio will be available through us.

What is the cost of a TLK 100 ?
The pricing varies depending on 1) the subscription selected: pay-as-you-go (monthly) or a two-year contract, and 2) the number of devices ordered. The retail price for the radio is $350, and the subscription services range from $35 to $45 per month. Please contact us for a custom quote to fit your exact needs.

What types of businesses will use the WAVE two-way radio?
It will be highly useful to medium- and large-sized businesses with task-oriented workers who require constant, daily communication with dispatch or management. It also will be helpful for industries with field services where tracking vehicle locations and ongoing communication with field teams is essential for business operations. This may be especially applicable in industries such as private security, construction, manufacturing, retail, and transportation and logistics.

Why is Motorola Solutions offering such a simple device given all the features available with LTE smartphones?
Growing feedback from customers indicates that smartphones are challenging to use in certain work environments. Employers in certain industries want to provide their workers with devices that do not require log in, have a single button for push-to-talk, have loud speaker volume, are durable and have long battery life. They also are looking for ways to reduce the distractions that can come with smartphones such as texting friends and surfing the internet, while improving employee efficiency for task work. Aligning the right tools based on worker roles is essential for business success.

How does this device stack up against competitive offerings?
Reliability matters for businesses, and Motorola Solutions’ WAVE two-way radios offer quality hardware, the industry’s best push-to-talk software and the nation’s best cellular coverage.  Ease-of-use and the ability to self-configure a fleet of devices allows for quick deployment and scalability.

How does this radio align with Motorola Solutions’ larger portfolio?
WAVE two-way radios complement Motorola Solutions’ traditional Land Mobile Radio (LMR) offerings, which are focused on communication on-site or through regional systems. WAVE two-way radios meet customers’ needs for “wide area coverage” — across the country or across thousands of facility locations. All WAVE two-way radios also can be integrated into supported MOTOTRBO systems to extend communication between traditional two-way radio systems nationwide.

Other Product Details

Why is the device called a two-way radio if it works on a cellular network?
The device has a traditional two-radio form factor and does not have telephony capabilities.

Will this device work on other cellular networks?
No. WAVE two-way radios work only with Motorola Solutions’ WAVE wireless service.

Does the radio have a SIM? Is it removable?
The radio has an embedded 4G SIM. It is permanently attached to the device to prevent it from being stolen or removed, which could impact business productivity.  

Can the radio be used as a Wi-Fi only device?
No. While the radio can function without LTE coverage by connecting to Wi-Fi, it requires a service plan to operate.  

Can talkgroups and contact lists be customized?
Yes. The WAVE PTX™ portal allows both partners and customers to program and configured devices remotely.

Is the radio able to work as a conventional radio?
While the radio does support private call capability for 1-to-1 communication, it does not contain traditional conventional land mobile radio capabilities. It uses a cellular SIM.

What MOTOTRBO™ systems are supported?
Capacity Max, Capacity Plus and LCP are supported today.

How can a business owner get started with the new device?
The first step is to contact us, so we can help you either configure your existing two-way radio systems with your new WAVE Two-Way Radio or set up a new system for you. From the moment a WAVE two-way radio is purchased to the moment it’s in your hands, active nationwide push-to-talk takes under 24 hours. No additional infrastructure is required and adding and removing subscriptions can be handled on the fly.

What are the specifications on the device?
You can download a detailed specification here.